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Executive Development Programs
Strategy for entering the global markets
dates of programs start
3 Days
13200 uah
Strategy for entering the global markets
Developing an External Market Strategy: What Does It Need to Do to Reduce Risks and Work with High Customer Value?
The structure of the program
Day 1
Exporter Roadmap. presentation of exporter's roadmap

Globalization trends?

Global export trends. Globalization. Why? Short exercise: "Why do I need international markets?"
Options for Reasons to Enter International Markets. Export VS International Business.
Exporter Roadmap. Presentation of exporter's roadmap.

Self-diagnosis. (Ready to export.) -> Where to go -> How to get out (strategy) -> Who to go with -> What's next?
Self-diagnosis of export readiness.

Minimal self-diagnosis of export readiness. Readiness checklist. Why export. Management. Sales. Marketing. Product. Suppliers. Intellectual property, etc. A self-assessment table for your resources.
Practical task of filling the self-diagnosis table. Working in groups over a case. Case diagnostics companies. Presentation case companies.
Select geography

Basic country selection criteria. Language, distance, duties, etc. Criteria table for selecting focal countries. Practical objective: basic criteria for selecting countries for your business.
Depth Criteria for Selection of Focus Countries (PESTEL) Practical task in groups is the selection of criteria for case companies.
Types of sources of information for criteria evaluation and focus.
Trademap and estimation of export-import flows. The practical task in groups is to search for information in a trademap and other open sources and to fill in a table with criteria for case companies.
Presentation of findings. How can I check data from open sources? The theory of six handshakes is how to find the first experts abroad and in Ukraine. Homework is to identify potential experts among your contacts.
Strategic exit plan.

Focus Market Research. Sources of information for analysis.
Definition of supply chain in the market from importer, competitor to end consumer.
Consumer decision journey as an example of a tool to understand at what stage and where to look for stakeholders. Competitor Analysis. Sales channels.
Options for entering the market. Pricing. Price cut in the market. Imports (declarations) and on shelves. Practical work in groups.
View analytics. Affiliate landscape for case companies. Choice of exit options and partners. Analysis of the task.
Finding First Clients / Choosing a Partner.

Portrait of the perfect partner. Selection criteria.
Search sources for potential partners. Work with professional social networks.
Exhibition as a tool for finding and communicating with partners Practical task - a list of potential partners and updating the presentation.
Minimum tools for preparation for negotiations

Day 2
Product / market fit search. how to find your international client. business model journey. business model evolution

Marketing as a Concentration on the Client.

It's not about creating a problem or a market, it's about creating value and new opportunities for the customer.
The difference between a value proposition and a product solution.
Product / market fit search. How to Find Your International Client | Business Model Journey. Evolution of Business Models

Value proposition as the heart of a business model
Entering a new market as a business model innovation.
Concepts and components of a business model.
The company as a set of business models.
Business model portfolio management.
The laws of business model evolution
Roadmap for building a new business model:

Business logic: from search to implementation
7 Steps to Systemic Business
Business metrics (metrics) at each stage

Day 3
Strategies for entering a new market. first practical steps

Step one. Direction Definition and Vision 1.0

Self-determination: root competence, passion and limitations of the system, current context (company situation)
Top-level goals are what international business is for us
Minimum success criteria
Remember to check availability
Step two: choose a customer and his needs
The new segmentation paradigm is JOB TO BE DONE
The tasks, pains and wishes of the client as the basis of the profile
Canvas (template) value proposition.
Creating a customer profile and product solution options
Strategies for entering a new market
Market Innovation Matrix: 4 opportunities for new entrants
How to choose a strategy for yourself. Internal and market factors
The first practical steps:

3 stages of verification: from plan A to plan that works
Rules of formulation and testing of hypotheses
4 ways to study the client
Project start plan

Модуль 4
Стратегії виходу на новий ринок. практичні кроки
1-2 день

Як відбувається програма

Maryna Starodubska more details
Adjunct professor
Sergiy Nozdrachov more details
Adjunct professor
Dmytro Shvets more details
Adjunct professor
13200 uah
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