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3 Days
16500 uah
Project Management
An intensive course that provides a systematic approach and the most efficient tools for traditional project management
Program's Target Audience: Chiefs of Project Departments who:
Have experience in working with people and plan to develop their skills at project management
Aspire to structure their knowledge and build a holistic picture of a project organization, and to select effective tools
Aim to get better results and fit within the given project constraints
What does the Program provide?
Opportunity to work in a group of twenty managers, learning through discussions, debates, and home assignments.
A comprehensive vision of methodologies and standards in project management.
An introduction to the mechanisms of project management using practical examples drawn from various businesses, markets, and cases.
Ability to identify the scope of a project, determine the expected results, and take necessary actions to ensure such results through careful preparation.
The knowledge and skill to identify project-critical processes, the ability to track, analyze, and adjust them.
Skills to create key project management documents required for client approval, project planning, monitoring of implementation and completion
The structure of the program
Project Initiation and Planning

  • Project-oriented approach in business management, basic concepts, phases and stages of project management.
  • Project management subsystems, interconnected management processes.
  • Methodologies and standards for project management, recognized certification systems.
  • Organizational structures for project management. Roles required by projects.
  • Project initiation. Source of projects in a company, content and results of the project initiation stage. Project launch: key events and priority actions. Case: Design a project idea.
  • Project planning. Method of preparing team meetings for project planning. Approaches, models, and planning tools.
  • Product-oriented approach to project planning.

Time and risk management. Communication in a project

  • Case: Planning the scope of a project.
  • Case: Develop organization breakdown structure (OBS) and a matrix of responsibility for individual results (MOR).
  • Time management in a project. A technique for preparing detailed charts. How to create and use targeted charts. Case: Gather information for a calendar network graph for one of project results.
  • Communication management in a project. Defining information needs for project participants. Development of a communication management plan: define format, channels of communication, and regularity. Case: Creating a communication management plan.
  • Risk management in a project. Risk detection and response techniques.

Project implementation and monitoring. Adaptive management

  • Case: Develop a risk management plan for a project.
  • Implementation of a project. Organization of team collaboration during project execution.
  • Implementing Agile Project Management
  • Case: Design and present a Statute and a Project Management Plan.
  • Project monitoring and adaptive management. Preparation of project reports. Examples.
  • Summarizing, defining the development horizons for project management skills.
  • Presentation of project initiatives

Elvira Fayzulina more details
Adjunct professor
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16500 uah
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Maria Franovska
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