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Executive Development Programs
Digital marketing. Digital Intensive Program
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2 modules of 2 days
15400 uah
Digital marketing. Digital Intensive Program
Systematic approach to digital communications and digital strategy development
The structure of the program
Day 1
The place of digital communication in marketing and business strategies
November 4

  • Business Reality Overview: Understanding Crises and Challenges. Changes in business models in the digital age (short digression). Changing decision-making paradigms. New Marketing Science.
  • Digital trends and what to do with them: augmented reality (eg. Pokemon Go), virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • Emerging marketing challenges are behavioral and neuroeconomic issues.
  • Branding. The role of brand in the digital age. Brand indicators. What are some important metrics for the brand?
  • Insight. Understanding consumer insights and a workshop on how to find them.

Day 3
Digital marketing tools: what, when and how to use it
November 18

  • Marketing tools. Selection of different components of the communication ecosystem. Paid, Owned, Earned media. How they are interrelated and what their roles are.
  • Web analytics basics, tools overview.
  • Image and performance marketing. Differences, use cases and business challenges.
  • Structure of KPIs and tracking business results.
  • How to hire and work with agencies for results.

Модуль 3
Розробка цифрової стратегії в групах
3-4 грудня, 10:00 - 18:00

Roman Havrysh more details
Adjunct professor
Олександр Колб more details
Visiting professor
Mariya Kochmaruk more details
Visiting professor
Михайло Траверсе more details
Visiting professor
15400 uah
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Inna Khrusch
EDP program manager
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