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Executive Development Programs
Менеджмент: основні вміння управлінця (Харків)
dates of programs start
3 Дні
10:00 - 18:00
Менеджмент: основні вміння управлінця (Харків)
Програма для управлінців, які прагнуть підвищити ступінь свідомих управлінський рішень
The structure of the program
Day 1
Evolution of management approaches in the realities of modern business

  • Evolution of management approaches in the realities of modern business
  • Business as a system
  • Signs of system management of a modern business organization
  • Types of management thinking and approaches to business management
  • Business system success criteria, maturity levels of business systems
  • Working with the Case Study to test system thinking and identify cause and effect relationships
  • Management functions, roles, competencies
  • Success criteria of a modern manager
  • Development of managerial competences

Day 2
Management decisions and criteria of their optimality

  • Management decisions and criteria of their optimality
  • Modern approaches to decision making
  • Individual and collective, rational and intuitive decisions
  • Turning a team into a team
  • Creating a climate that is attractive to people and businesses
  • The maturity of managers and executors
  • Responsibility levels and maturity types
  • Set goals and objectives for different types of maturity
  • Delegations and assignments for different types of maturity

Day 3
Interaction with the team

  • Interaction with the team
  • Choosing a style of management interaction
  • Sources of power and forms of influence
  • The balance between trust, responsibility, freedom and control
  • The meaning, purpose and stages of management control
  • Management of the objects, frequency, types and methods of control
  • Feedback and evaluation in management
  • Types of feedback
  • Feedback Models
  • Reflection, questions, results

Olga Shcherbyna more details
Adjunct professor
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For more information about the program, please contact
Nataliya Rudenko
EDP program manager in Kharkiv
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