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Executive Development Programs
Learning Management. A systematic approach to L&D
dates of programs start
4 days
20 000 uah
Learning Management. A systematic approach to L&D
Design of L&D system. Models, formats and methods of corporate education
The structure of the program
Day 1-2
A strategic approach to managing learning and development in an organization. L&D -system design
October 10-11

Design of L&D system

  • Goals and objectives of corporate education. Transformation of L&D goals in the industrial, post-industrial and creative economy.
  • Stages of L&D development in an organization.
  • A Strategic Approach to L&D Management. What is L&D for?
  • Business strategy. HCM (human capital management) strategy. L&D Strategy.
  • Components of L&D strategy.
  • L&D's place in the Human Capital Value Chain, relationships with other HCM roles, functions and tools.
  • Distribution of responsibilities: L&D expert, HRBP, functional manager, employee.

 Motivation for learning

  • What does a person learn?
  • When will the employee learn and engage effectively? Formal participation in corporate training: how to avoid it.
  • Where do the desires come from? How does the brain work? Motivational mechanism from the standpoint of biochemistry, physiology, psychology.

Day 3
Models and teaching methods. as adults learn
October 23

Models and teaching methods

  • Designing a portfolio of L&D programs and solutions. Models and teaching methods
  • In-company and out-of-work training. Model 70:20:10 and its interpretation.
  • Formats and methods of corporate education. Modern trends: project training, inverted training, etc.
  • Twitter thinking, microlearning, clip art formats.
  • E-learning is a technology in corporate education.
  • The "gap" between top and bottom training requests. What to do about it?
  • Summary: map of training models and methods - purpose, appropriateness, efficiency.

 Cognitive abilities of an adult

  • Remembering, applying, forgetting. What influences the effective absorption and application of acquired knowledge?
  • Declarative, operative and emotional memory. How does L&D go from teaching abstract concepts to team-building the ability to act?
  • Adult learner memory and attention: how to make learning more effective.

Day 4
Evaluating the effectiveness of L&D. application of acquired knowledge and skills in practice
October 24

Post-training. Supporting the application of acquired knowledge in practice.

  • Why do people resist the new? Why do employees not apply what they have learned and continue to do it out of habit?
  • Dealing with prejudice as one of the tasks of L&D.
  • "Morning Monday" or when does training actually end? Knowledge support system.
  •  How to measure L&D performance?

What does it mean to evaluate the effectiveness of L&D?

  • Common approaches to L&D assessment.
  • Evaluation results and decisions to be made by L&D based on them.
  •  Final work with a business case. Presentation of your own solutions to a company representative. Author's presentation of business.

 Model competencies of the L&D team

  • A learning company. Criteria, evaluation, reflection.
  • Model competencies of the L&D team. Self-esteem. Reflection.
  • Program results and participants' conclusions.

Olena Zhiltsova more details
Yaroslava Loyanich more details
Adjunct professor
Petro Chornomorets more details
Visiting professor
20 000 uah
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For more information about the program, please contact
Yulia Naidych`
EDP program manager
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